YUM! Game Of Thrones Recipes

"Dolorous Edd made the trek to the kitchens and soon was back with a tankard of brown ale and a covered platter. Under the lid Jon discovered three duck’s eggs fried in drippings, a strip of bacon, two sausages, a blood pudding, and half a loaf of bread still warm from the oven.” 

How about some Breakfast with Jon Snow, Hot Pie Direwolf Scones or Sansa Salad? Check out this awesome link of recipes – http://www.innatthecrossroads.com/

Join in all the fun in the Game of Thrones fans community! https://plus.google.com/communities/102583084958110084145


  1. Brad Trnavsky says

     this is cool!

  2. Alex Mayo says

    Mmmm – blood pudding.

  3. Kevin Bowie says

    Long live the 'Targaryen' name.

  4. alan xavier says


  5. Donald Farmer says

    Anyone got a recipe for Red Wedding soup?

  6. Shannon Adelson says

    I think a vegetarian like me would probably starve in the North!

  7. Bobby Emeka says

    Lol funny

  8. Ferzali Zalov says

    m super

  9. Peter Olsen says

    4 quarts blood from freshly-betrayed guests
    8 quarts tears of fans
    3 bunches of parsley

    Pour everything into a pot. Bring to a boil. Fling into your guests' faces while you look on with a self-satisfied smirk.

  10. Alan Andrews says

    Sounds good to me.

  11. Ed Bachan says

    Mmm, Ale! Is it made by Moors and brought by a serving Wench?

  12. Rahul Soni says

    Ooo ya

  13. Arianna Toney says

    Thanks ! Sounds cool, lol.

  14. Guadalupe Ramirez says


  15. Scott Belbin says

    man looks great! just like a newfie breakfast!

  16. Michael Bennett says

    "you know nothing jon snow"

  17. Ed Bachan says

    Except, it would seem, how to use his tongue. :-p

  18. GT khosa says

    Beautiful staff.

  19. david michaud says

    I love the inn at the crossroads website adn their cook book!

  20. Phillip Ryan says

    What does black pudding taste like?

  21. Ana Pedreira Lois says

    that sucks

  22. Jonathan Moore says

    Did somebody say bacon?

  23. Ian Cleaver says


  24. James Drew says

    In the uk we had a news programme on tv called Breakfast with Jon Snow. Ha ha ha.

  25. Gerard Adams Jr. says

    Duck eggs are phenomenal lol I dont remember Snow eating this though??

  26. soniabg guillen b says

    besos a dtancia

  27. Jason Connaughton says

    Brown ale optional?? George R.R. Martin knows what he's doing. He gives it top billing.

  28. Marco Altamirano says

    Para ayudarnos a pasar ese trago amargo del último capítulo

  29. Joseph LaTona says

    Thank you for introducing me to this site I am going to try and make some of this.

  30. Joseph LaTona says

    Dont say any more I am not that far In to the book yet

  31. kristopher ridgeway says

    Does he have a recipe suitable for a wedding/funeral?

  32. Driss Ceh says

    i things i must try this hh

  33. Mark MacKay says

    If I murder someone at—say—a wedding can I get their fruit cup? I'm trying to stay away from the black pudding because of me gout.

  34. donald hakala says

    Tried blood pudding.. Liked it! Tried Game of Thrones… Didn't like it… Sorry… 🙁

  35. Mohamed Radwan says

    Thanks,I got my breakfast with Amanda Blain

  36. Capt Masat says

    superb dish

  37. Dharam Pal says

    there are not indian dis so i can not oserve what should take

  38. ISRAEL R says


  39. Imam Sobirin says

    Anu nggo ngapa y?

  40. kristopher ridgeway says

    lol there's always one in a billion. to true braj.

  41. donald hakala says

    Too much drama and not enough dragons for me

  42. kristopher ridgeway says

    try "vikings" seriously got a bit more action. (Like the entire three seasons of GOT action in one nine episode series.)

  43. donald hakala says

    I really wish they would make Robert Jordans – Wheel of Time books into a television series

    Now that I'd watch!

  44. Francisco d'Anconia says

    Now that's a breakfast!

  45. kristopher ridgeway says

    Nah but maybe a few mathew c riely. But WoT has a big following.

  46. David Crump says

    It's a "rasher" of bacon. Not a "strip." Just sayin'.

  47. Jennifer Hewitt says

    That food does not look appetizing.

  48. Adriana Bohusova says

    Behold the North's twist on English breakfast. I wouldn't mind to try.. 😉

  49. Crystal-Adair Farmer says

    It looks nasty. Especially the sausage!

  50. 王以德 says

    So good!

  51. Abdul Karim Yahaya says

    Thank you

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  52. Odysseus Creath says


  53. Charley Beans says

    In a George RR Martin breakfast, everything is horribly burned and it gets thrown away before eating.

  54. Marcela Plua says

    mmm, delicioso

  55. Herbert Lingott says

    Was wllst Du mir wieder andrehen Amanda ???

  56. Stephen Wood says

    Amazing. Though actually terrible for you.

  57. Darmarcus Wilson says

    . looks good

  58. Mohamed Radwan says

    Hi Where are the drinks?and why are you hidden it?

  59. Herbert Lingott says

    Amanda this is cool!!!;-);-);-)

  60. Bhoma Ram Patel says


  61. Kofi King says

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  62. Herbert Lingott says

    Exelent Amanda ! ! !

  63. Amanda Blain says

    He eats this in dance with dragons +Gerard Adams Jr. 😉

  64. Sanjay Reece says

    Superb,,,,, Miss

  65. Donny ENGLISH says

    Now THAT is the kind of website graphic design I'm looking for!
    Classy, and stylish!

  66. Mohamed Radwan says

    Yes that is correct and it's game and the all want inter in the game for searching about 2

  67. angelina vela says

    luv that restraunt

  68. Mohamed Radwan says

    Sometimes,but i luv my house

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