4 New Gadgets to Help You Sleep

You spend up to 8 hours a day sleeping; Likely much more than you spend with your family or friends or doing things like watching the latest star wars movie. When I hit CES every year, I look for the latest in technology advancements that will help me to sleep better, longer and wake up more rested.

Check out what I found this year for….

Gadgets to help you sleep at CES

AcousticSheep SleepPhones

These soft, flat, uber comfortable headphones will allow you to listen to peaceful night time music, youtube videos, or beachy dolphins with no cords to strangle you at midnight. The speakers inside are fully adjustable to suit your unique head shape, so one side fits most. You simply sync up via bluetooth and you are all set. Quickly rechargeable via a usb.  These headphones are the ultimate sleep time companion. I found them super easy to sync up and the sounds was loud and crisp. They offers a fleece and more satiny material as options. Don’t bother your partner again. Also good on the airplane flights as bluetooth is ok to use. The one downside is that they do no turn off automatically so you must rememmebr to turn them off in the morning to save battery. Even without doing that I noticed that they lasted a good week on one charge. You can purchase them now on Amazon for $39.95 –  AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones (Black, Medium – One Size Fits Most)4 New Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleepace Rest On Sleep System

There are quite a few of the “non wearable” bed time trackers on the market. Many offer various pain points that make them not the greatest out there. Sleepace is launching a new sleep system called Nox, that helps to deal with many of them. One of the main things in most of the competitors is that they need to be plugged in. RestOn is a non-wearable sleep monitor. With one single snap of the magnetic lid, the device is fixed on the sheet and automatically turned on at the same time. You sync it up with the Sleepace mobile application.
RestOn collects multiple points of data, like heart rate and respiratory rate. These things are measured in real time to read as accurately as possible. It also records the time it takes to fall asleep, the actual amount of your sleep time and things like how many times you roll over. The app is also being upgraded with advice and tips for your specific sleep issues and concerns and ways to get a better sleep. This is important because we are overloaded with data, how many steps we take and where we walk, but what do you do with it? The Nox smart light will allow you to simulate the dawn and wake up to a nice sunrise at the time time that is right for you to wake up. I look forward to seeing what happens with the NOX smart light system that will be releasing shortly and sync with the RestOn.

REM-Fit SmartPillow

Why settle just for monitoring your habits. This Smart pillow is hoping to save marriages everywhere! It includes some really cool features in the pillow. Like SnoreAlarm, where the pillow will gently vibrate when it detects snoring, which encourages the users to change their sleeping position. SmartWake to gently wake a person up at a scheduled time, Rem-Fit Audio which offers from pre-loaded white noise sounds to help you fall asleep and Snore Score to give you analytical data about how often the user is snoring. If you have ever slept next to someone who snores, you can easily see how some of these features would be some amazing smart technology.


Most people hate being woken up by blaring music so SensorWake is combating this by allowing you to wake up by smell. Insert one of there fresh pods in scents like coffee, chocolate, seaside and croissant, and at your desired wake up time you will be roused from sleep in lofty waves of scent. They says this is effective for 99% of users, but if you are that 1% or cold season is in, an emergency sound alarm will wake you up after three minutes of uninterrupted scent release.

There are thousands of gadgets at CES and these were my favorite examples this year of gadgets to help you sleep. Check them out and start having better sleepy dream time!

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