Pepsi Perfect – The Back To The Future Cola Is Here

Want to win a Pepsi Perfect? READ ON… Can you believe it is finally the time and year of Back to The Future 2? Yes there have been countless false memes, but the date is actually, finally here. October 21, 2015. There are so many things the writers of Back To the Future 2 got right that year – Including wireless video games, handheld portable tablets, video conferencing, flat screen tvs and our society’s obsession with electronic devices at the dinner table.

Some brands are getting into the geeky spirit by releasing items that match the items shown in the 1989 film. Universal Studios released a made up “Jaws 19” trailer, there are rumors of Nike releasing self tying shoes and even ironically the Cubs are in the still in the running to Win the World Series… But one company and product is a total for sure. Thanks to Pepsi, a few lucky people will have the opportunity to receive the Pepsi product that that Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly orders at Hill Valley’s futuristic “Café 80’s.” – Pepsi Perfect.

Pepsi Perfect Is Now A Reality


Pepsi Perfect will be available on October 21, 2015 — which is the precise date that Marty McFly and his time-traveling companion, Doc Brown, travel to the future in the 1989 film. “Pepsi fans asked and we heard them loud and clear,” Lou Arbetter, senior director of marketing at PepsiCo said in a statement. “The ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy was as big a moment in pop culture history then as it is now, 30 years later.”

This is not a new brand or ‘flavor’ of Pepsi, (or thankfully not a vitamin infused drink shown in the movie) but instead a special limited edition collector’s bottle, that will have traditional tasty Pepsi made with real sugar inside it. Pepsi will only be releasing a very limited amount of bottles in Canada that are available through their social media channels ..Lucky for you though fine reader….. I have a bottle that YOU CAN WIN!!



Win a Back To the Future Pepsi Perfect Prize Pack

You can win your very own special Back To The Future Prize Pack include the limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottle, right here from . Check out all the cool prizes you can win in this super geeky prize pack…

  • 1 500mL Bottle of Pepsi Perfect
  • 2 Pepsi Perfect/Back To the Future t-shirts
  • 1 Back To the Future Trilogy DVD set
  • 1 Pepsi Perfect Poster
  • 1 Pizza Hut gift card of $25
The Prize is valued at $140 (but seriously much more because NONE of your friends will have it!)

That’s a seriously awesome Back To the Future themed Prize pack! Good luck To All!

Steps to Win a Back To The Future Pepsi Perfect Prize Pack

What do you have to do to win this super exclusive and limited prize pack? I’m glad you asked! You need to prove to me that you are in fact the Biggest Back To the Future Fan.  I KNOW! Steps! But you can do it Internet. I believe in you…..

Follow these EASY STEPS…

1) Tell me a story about Your Love of Back To The Future in The Comments here at the bottom of this blog.. Or Even better show in words, art, pictures, video, macaroni and glue, be creative…  Why YOU are the biggest Back to the Future fan and want to win the Pepsi Perfect Prize Pack.
2) You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube, Vine, Your Blog Or the Comment Section below… be creative…
3) Mention and follow me (@amandablain) and Pepsi Canada (@pepsiCanada) if you use a site like twitter, instagram, facebook, your Blog etc so we can see what you’ve done!
4) Use the lovely hashtags #PepsiPerfect and #1FanBTTF


Use the Giveaway Tools entry form below to draw more attention to your #1FanBTTF entry.

I will pick one lucky winner from all the entries received that include the above. I might also suggest linking to your creative item showing you being the BIGGEST Back To the Future Fan in the Comments below… so I can be 100% sure to see them!

I Need Some Examples… How Exactly Can I Win… ?

Here are some examples of easy ways to show you are the “Biggest Back To The Future Fan” .. So we are all on the same page….

Example 1

“I’m totally the biggest BTTF fan because I have all the collectable figure still in their original package #PepsiPerfect #1FanBTTF @amandablain @pepsicanada”IMG_20150706_165106

Example 2

“I totally want to win the BTTF #pepsiperfect prize pack. Here is me with BTTF props! #1FanBTTF @amandablain @pepsicanada”


Example 3

“Huey Lewis who did songs for the soundtrack in Back To the Future appeared as a judge in the band audition scene… @amandablain @pepsicanada #1FanBTTF”huey
  TELL ME HOW YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BTTF FAN – #1FanBTTF ! Contest ends on October 21, 2015… So get on it!

For more information on the making and availability of Pepsi Perfect visit and follow the conversation on social using #PepsiPerfect.

Good Luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing your Back To the Future Results!bttf2-main

I was compensated for this post by Pepsi Canada and they have provided the prize package.


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