Ultimate Last Minute Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide

With the Holidays very quickly approaching, I wanted to help out all you last minute shoppers with an Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide. Yes, you might have left things to the last minute again, but there is no need to go the route of lifeless limp gift cards. I have your back. All these geeky items I’ve listed below are available in 1 or 2 day Amazon Prime shipping.amazonrpime

Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide

So first of all you should have Amazon Prime so that it arrived with enough time for you to do some wrapping. If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet – don’t worry. Sign up for a free 30 day trial and you can finish this shopping up from the comfort of your chair in the next few moments with free fast 2 day shipping. If you don’t want to do that than make sure you check out the shipping times without prime so you still will get it in time!

I offer you two awesome geeky lists in 1 here folks… Geek Gifts under $20 or Geek Gifts for the Video Gamer Players in Your Life. Check my Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Geek Gifts Under $20

Budgets can be tight but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some really awesome geeky items for the people in your life. Here are some geeky items that are all less than $20. Order one or a few together to create some geeky gift giving amazingness.

Make Your Own Gummy Bear Molds – $6.99

Have a geeky cook on your list? Get them this super cute make your own gummy bear molds. 2 sheets are included as awell as a dropper. You can make little chocolate bears or gummy bears. Easy to do 3 ingredient recipes that require little more the gelatin, Jello and water. Purchase those items together to make a great gift basket for the geek cook in your life.

Purchase and more Details from Amazon here.

Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again Mug – $10.69

For the computer or tech geek in your life, what better than the ultimate tech support mug? Have you tried turning it off and on again is a great mug for the catch phrase fromt he popular TV show “IT Crowd”. At $10 price point a great extra gift.

Purchase and more details from Amazon here.

Ultimate Last Minute Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Labyrinth – Sara and Worm Action Figure – $12.31

For fans of the movie franchise Labyrinth this Sara and worm Funko pop action figure it sure to be a great last minute gift purchase. The Pop is 3 3/4 inches tall and shows all the details fans would love from the movie including the bracelet that she gives to Hoggle. There is also the entire Labyrinth character series if they might be a fan of one of the other ones instead. – Ludo, Jareth and Hoggle. If you have an 80’s fantasy movie fan on your list check these cute Pops out.

Purchase and more Details from Amazon here. 

Clapable Squishy Soft Cat Nightlight  – $15.99

This is the cutest little light I’ve ever seen so it had to be included in the Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide. The soft squishy cat has a rainbow of different colors that are activate by touch or clapping. YES A CLAPPING KITTY NIGHT LIGHT. It also re-charges with USB so no batteries to change. One Clap turns the light on, Another makes it a different color and another turns it back off again. Everyone wants a squishy kitty night light and at the $15 price point this makes a seriously cute gift for someone who will think you spent MUCH more

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here. 

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – $17.38

Another geeky kitchen item but this one is just too cute to pass up! A full measuring cup set made up of R2 D2. Includes all the standard measuring cups you would need in cute R2D2 format. This is a must have in every true star wars fans kitchen.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here. 

Lightsaber Chopsticks – 2 pairs – $17.77

For the Star Wars fan in your life get them some super fun light up Lightsaber chopsticks. 2 pairs are included in this set so you can make date night an epic fun food battle. Blue for Luke and Red for Vadar. Take the battle of good and evil to your soup bowl.  A great last minute gift for the geeky foodie on your list.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here. 

“I’m Fine” Zombie Horror T- Shirt – $18.99

For the zombie horror sarcastic fan in your life you can purchase this I’m Fine T-shirt. With the lovely blood gush on the side co-workers, friends and strangers a like will give you a double take. This shirt gets a lot of laughs from people because the blood looks pretty realistic and it wraps around the shirt. If you have a person who would appreciate some sarcastic humor this shirt will be a hit.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here. 

Geek Gifts for the Video Gamer Players in Your Life

If you have some gamers in your list these are my top picks for them on my Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide. Make sure you know what kind of system they are playing on before ordering though. 🙂

GameBoy Like Fridge Whiteboard Magnets – $19.99

Any geek in your life will enjoy this cute whiteboard magnet set for your fridge. Easily update your grocery or To do list while staying in geek chic. They are just magnets so they easily removable and could be placed on the dishwasher, or washing machine too. Add some geek to your fridge with these guys. Includes 6 magnets.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here. 

Gears of War 4 – $29.95

If you have an Xbox One Geek on your list be sure to check out Gears of War 4. The long standing franchise has dropped in price allowing you to get a great rated multi player game gift for the Xbox fans on your list. This version of the Gears series follows new characters and a unique story line, There are new additions to the game play modes of horde and death match. I have a very detailed review for Gears of War 4 here.

Purchase and more details from Amazon here. 

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack – $29.99 (sale price currently)

If you are looking for a new video game to play with your partner or your kids that works great on a split screen you should  check out Lego Dimensions. Part video game and part real world lego that you put together – this toys to life series is a great holiday gift.  Anyone can play this series and its mix matching or universes you know and love makes for some entertaining gaming. Franchises like Doctor Who, Simpsons, Harry Potter and Ghostbusters collide into one amazingly fun world while you play through the movies and stories you love with a bunch of twist. Available for all consoles systems, if you haven’t checked this series out before you might want to give it a look. As an added bonus if you get someone hooked on this franchise, future holidays gives will be a no brainer in purchasing additional characters and sets to open up new worlds.

I wrote a seriously detailed review of Lego Dimensions here that will go over this series in much more detail so take a look.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here.

Xbox One – Dawn Shadow Special Edition Controller – $56.75

I bought an early addition Xbox One so my controller did not include the audio update. That means I could buy the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter,  that costs roughly $ or I could purchase a second main controller for my gaming and have a 2nd controller to game with someone else. This one is also a very nice pink shade color which matches my gaming chair and set up. This was a serious no brainier for me or any Xbox girl gamer in your life. The quality of the controller is way higher than the standard controller with nice textures and feel. I fully recommend this if you are looking for a new controller or want an audio in Controller option. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and via blue tooth you can use it with Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Purchase and More Details from Amazon here.

The Last Guardian – $59.99

The long awaited release from Team Ico and Playstation is a great hot holiday gift for anyone with a PS4 on your list. The game follows the adventures of a young boy and this ridiculous amazingly awesome feathered dog like creature. THe life like interactions in Tico are something to behold, as well as the amazing visual landscapes. The game has been getting amazing reviews. You need to navigate through various stunning landscapes, jumping, swinging and using your companion to advance through the locations. If this sounds like something your geeky pal would like I fully recommend checking it out. I have a very detailed review coming for this shortly.

I hope you have enjoyed my Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide and finished up the shopping on your list. As we continue to have easier access to holiday shopping there really is no need to rush to the crazy hectic malls when you can just shop from home and get it all taken care of. Happy holidays!

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